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Brenda Herrington has over 20 years of experience in Massage Therapy. She has worked in a Plastic Surgeon's Office/Spa providing Post-Operative Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Spa treatments. Chiropractic offices & Hospice. Various Salon Spas.

Brenda's specialities are:

Swedish, Therapeutic (med pressure massage w/epsom salts soaked towels heated & applied to the upper back, neck & shoulders) Pre-Natal Massage, Pre & Post Operative Lymphatic Massage, Cranial Sacral Massage & Reflexology.

Neck/Shoulders/Upper Back are areas of concern for most clients. These areas of the body are some of the most stressed & seem to give the most relief to the client upon completion of a massage session. I started working with the towels soaked in Epsom Salts, Himalayan Salts & Dead Sea Salts into treatments for people. Especially people recovering from any type of stress or accident this can help in their recovery.

Brenda believes in the benefits of Epsom Salts & soaks hot towels in the minerals for her Therapeutic Massage sessions. Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts & Himalayan Salts with over 82 trace minerals, have the ability to reduce stress/tension & inflammation in the muscles by absorbing into the skin through the pores. The hot towels serve well to apply this topically. Soaking in a tub would be a wonderful home treatment after a massage session to further the benefit. This treatment used in the Therapeutic Massage helps add a deep heat treatment with purpose of relaxing the tense areas of the body.

In my attempt to give people a mini treatment to do in the comfort of their own home, is the reason I started Elixology & handmaking the spa products. Plus I had worked with great products in all the years & I listened to what clients were asking for. This is beneficial in helping clients achieve balance in their personal wellness plans, in between massage appointments to keep the benefits lasting longer!

Life can be hectic & struggles can be challenging. Elixology will help you face those challenges with a more relaxed body & a clear mind.



Mon. - Sat      12-7

Sunday           closed